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God Knows
Are you disappointed with a change of plans? God knows. His way is always better.

Are you confused by a difficult decision? God knows. Just trust Him and seek His wisdom.

Are you frustrated by circumstances? God knows. Thank Him for the testing.

Are you fearful about the uncertainties of the future? God knows. He has everything under control.

Are you faced by one tough trial after another? God knows. He'll give you strength to get through.

Are you discouraged with your repeated failings? God knows. He's patient and merciful and loves you so much.

Are you lonely? God knows. He wants to be your best friend, closer than anyone else can ever be.

Are you amazed by "coincidences" in your life and the precise timing of events? God knows. With Him in control, life is one unending adventure of wonder.

Are you overwhelmed by God's blessings in your life? God knows. He delights in showing love to His children.

Praise the LordóHE KNOWS! No matter what the situation, it's an incredible comfort to remember that God knows. Are you thanking Him for that today?

Joyfully HIS,

This article was published in the Nov.-Dec. 2005 issue of Hidden Wisdom Magazine, copyright 2005, Abigail Paul.

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