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My wonderful family...

I'm convinced I've been blessed with the best family in the world! Yes, we're human and have had our share of struggles and challenges over the years. But God knew what He was doing when He put us together as a family. Since we have always homeschooled, have primarily homechurched, and Daddy has worked from home since 1989, we have spent much more time together than most families, and I can honestly say that my siblings are my best friends. What a treasure they each are in my life!

At some future point, I may write up character descriptions to post here. For now, here are a few pictures, most of which are fairly outdated:

September 2009 (ages as of then)
Abigail (29), Susanna (25), Rachel (13), Lydia (20), Joseph (23), sis-in-law Ami (21), Daniel (16), Mother and Daddy

Myself in April and September of 2009.

Siblings and cousins at the Pacific beach in Oregon, October 2006.

Playing music with our "band" from church for a community outreach, March 2008.

Myself in June 2009.

Flower wreaths and music on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, May 2008.
Lydia, Susanna, and Abigail

One is never too old to enjoy dressing up for a birthday teaparty!
Lydia, Rachel, Susanna, Robin, Liza, Abigail (July 2009)

Our farm, October 2005 Our farm, in October 2005. Daddy designed our earth-sheltered house which is still under construction. In September 2006 we moved into the farmhouse at the top of the hill (our grandparents lived there until they went Home in Feb. and Aug. 2006).

Visit our family business website for more photos of our farm.

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