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You'd think he was a millionaire, the way he enjoys life.
~Mary C. Jane

Open to God a door as big as the point of a needle, and He will enter with a cart full of blessings.

When God is second, you will get second best; but when God is really first, you have His best.
~John Stam's father

God is like the light. Wonder is like the shadow. If you chase the shadow, you will never catch up to it. It might even disappear. If you walk toward the light, the shadow will always pursue you. That is when the heart sings with gladness.
~Ravi Zacharias


As the only true Source of Joy, Jesus has brightened my life in countless ways. Sometimes He encourages me with a specific quote or Scripture passage; other times a poem or book is sent my way just at the time I need it most.

This section of my website is where I'll share various things that have been a blessing to me and opportunities the Lord has given: a hodge-podge of treasures that make me smile. :-)

Joyfully HIS,

ASourceOfJoy: a blog of encouraging tidbits, updated irregularly

ASourceOfJoy Graphic Design: my online design porfolio

In the News: a front-page newspaper interview I did

George MacDonald: my all-time favorite poet

GreaThings07: a gratitude challenge

Hidden Wisdom Magazine: the publication my family did, 1995-2008

Observations: bits of humor from my not-so-normal family

Paul's Grains: my family's home business

Snapshots of Joy: a gallery of inspirational graphics I've made

Tatted Blessings: custom tatted items, by Susanna and I

The Bibliophile's Niche: a list of books I have for sale

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